We speak like no other.

Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order

to [grow and] become successful. For that reason

it makes sense to be grateful for adversities that help you grow,

even if it is only in understanding and

compassion for other’s suffering. -Zig Ziglar

Many today are facing adversity on a magnitude they have not experienced at any other point in their life.

Over more than a decade I have had the honor and opportunity to assist many individuals, teams and organizations in identifying the behaviors and strategies needed to navigate whatever challenge is placed in their way while continually being for others. 

By leveraging my past challenges, successes and mistakes, I speak on topics that relate mindset, grit, integrity and resilience to leading self, teams and organizations.

Growing up the youngest of ten children in a lower middle-class family from Portland Maine and losing both of my parents to cancer as a teenager provided me with a great number of experiences that prepared me for the leadership work I believe I was destined to be doing today.

My ability to connect with executives in the C-Suite and employees on the front line is a direct result of the experiences I have had throughout my life.  The drive to be a better man, a better manager, a better dad and husband all came from those formative experiences of failing and then finding a better way to get what I wanted in life, and that’s what I share with my audiences.

As a result of my ability to speak with candor and compassion when working with my clients and audiences,  I have consistently been able to forge a high level of trust and an accelerated level of effective progress.

When you are ready to discuss how I can share my tailored message and help your audience rise above their best, let’s find a time to talk or email me at patrick@emeryleadershipgroup.com

I welcome your inquiry and the beginning of a meaningful conversation about your success, the success of your team and the value this brings to all your stake holders.

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