Sell like no other.

In today’s business world, we are all selling all the time. Whether you are in direct sales or starting your own business, you need to overcome resistance, show others a way forward, and gain agreement. You need to be someone that others say “yes” to.

Emery Leadership Group can show you how.

ELG was founded by experienced, ethical, highly successful salespeople who wanted something more: the opportunity to teach what we have learned over our many years in high-stakes sales positions to others. We thrive on teaching calm, confident approaches to building your best case. Converting difficult prospects into dedicated customers and clients. And convincing others to share risks, rewards, and dreams.

A powerful extension of today’s influence research, our proven, proprietary GREAT model shows you how to assess and strategize for different types and levels of resistance. Working one-on-one, we help you craft customized tools and techniques to enhance goodwill, address reactance, emphasize expertise, find antidotes for apathy, and invite trust.

No matter what your level of experience, our sales effectiveness coaches can teach you to make more compelling cold calls, better entice venture capital, or close the best deals. We can show you how to sell yourself and how to upsell products and services you believe in. And we can help you accurately assess accounts, attract the very best people to projects you are passionate about, and achieve your sales goals.

ELG can change your sales approach in an afternoon or reshape your approach across several months. The more time you spend honing our specialized tools and techniques the more effective they will be—but even a one-day seminar can really up your sales game. When our clients see the boost they get from a few hours of coaching, they buy in to the whole system.

If you hear “no” from prospects—or you hear nothing at all—it’s time to talk to the effective  sales experts at ELG. With our help, you will hear “yes.”