Lead like no other.

Recent surveys have shown that in any given company or organization, only one-third of employees feel engaged in their work.

When asked why they are disaffected or disengaged, the other two-thirds point to the person they report to.

What if that person is you?

Every leader, no matter how experienced or accomplished, struggles at times to motivate their team, manage a crisis, or make the most of an opportunity. Promotions are pressure points—pivotal moments in our personal and professional lives that push us to acknowledge and address our weaknesses while drawing on our deepest strengths. We all have the potential for greatness and we all need guidance on how to get there.

Emery Leadership Group helps you look within yourself, learn new ways of living and working with others, and find your way forward as a leader. Our personal leadership coaching and teambuilding programs build sturdy foundations of respect, understanding, and productive behaviors over time. Together, we bring out your best—and together, we go beyond it.

Our proven, proprietary C.A.B.L.E.S. model of teambuilding and COACHED model of leadership development help individuals identify and develop behaviors that inspire action. Understand unconscious bias and channel conflict into positive, productive change. Emphasize empathy, listening, and clear expectations. And forge daily habits and durable connections that enhance employee engagement and personal and team performance over time.

ELG engagements are not quick fixes. It takes time to truly change the way we think about ourselves and work with others. Our intensive programs are designed to bring out and build upon powerful insights. Share innovative strategies that lead to success. And provide ongoing, personalized support. Over engagements lasting several weeks to several months, we transform workplace cultures—and create leadership skills—that last a lifetime.

Do you want to model actions that inspire? Be someone others say “yes” to? Create environments that amplify potential and teams that achieve excellence? No matter where you are today, let ELG show you how far we can go together.