Getting Healthy With The Mundy Method With Tina Mundy And Erin Montgomery – Episode 142

LFL S4 142 | The Mundy Method


Focusing on one’s health and wellness is important, especially in this day and age. But wellness is more than just your diet and your fitness. Here to introduce a 360-degree approach to self-care are Tina Mundy and Erin Montgomery, creators of The Mundy Method. This mother-daughter duo emphasizes a focus on mindset on top of nutrition and exercise in their approach to holistic health. In this episode, they chat with host Patrick Veroneau about the benefits of this model and how they’re helping not only individuals but organizations to improve the quality of life and well-being of their people. It’s not just about taking care of yourself but also having that support from a community that really brings it home. Stay tuned to learn more about The Mundy Method and how it can help you.

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Getting Healthy With The Mundy Method With Tina Mundy And Erin Montgomery

Thank you for joining me on another episode. In this episode, I’m talking with a mother-daughter duo Tina Mundy and her daughter, Erin Montgomery. They’ve developed what they call The Mundy Method. What I enjoyed about our conversation in this space around health and wellness is how holistic of an approach they have created here and all of the different resources that they have brought into the community that they’ve created to try to help people in all aspects of health, mental, physical, emotional, and intellectual. It runs the entire gamut. There’s so much here, so I hope you enjoy it. All their contact information is at the end if you want to reach out to them. Let’s get into it.

I want to thank you both for being on the show. You guys are in such a unique space in time with all of the different things going on. You have a method that you’ve created in the health and wellness area, but it goes much more than that in terms of this 360 approach you were talking about. I was hoping on the show you could talk about that and how people can benefit from not looking at wellness as diet and exercise, but there’s more to it than that.

Thank you, Patrick, for having us. We are pumped and pleased to be here to be collaborating with you on this show. This is a life’s journey for both me and Erin. Although, being mother and daughter duo, we’ve both had different paths that have got us to the same spot. When we decided that things needed to be a little bit different and there wasn’t the need or anything out there that was able to meet a holistic 360-degree need or a void that was in the industry, we decided to sit down, put our heads together and find out what was missing. We made sure that we brought the people to the table to make sure that we had a 360-degree holistic health and wellness program that we could offer to people.

As you did this, what did you find? What was most surprising in terms of putting this method together?

It was the response. Everyone is saying the same thing. It seemed everyone’s journey was the same as ours in some form or fashion, but they didn’t know what was missing. The fitness and wellness “Market” is saturated, and there’s so much information out there, but it all leads you down one path, which is fitness, or down another path, which is nutrition.

Those are two big pillars, but nobody’s dealing with the mindset. Nobody is dealing with other issues, the spiritual, the relationships that everything that comes under the umbrella of being a whole person. We’re more than our body, meal plan, and fitness. The more people we talk to about that, the more they would say, “Yes, that’s what’s missing. I need that motivation, community, and support. I need to do more than have someone write me out a meal plan and an unsustainable fitness program that I know six weeks down the road, I’m going to end up giving up on.”

I don’t know if you guys watch any Netflix or binge at all on that, but there was a show that I started watching. It’s called Manifest. I won’t go into it, but one of the lines that keep coming up on this show is, “It’s all connected.” As I was thinking and reading what you put together, that fits. It’s all connected. We have all these pieces to it. We can be great in certain pieces, but it’s not strong enough when we don’t look at the whole thing.

LFL S4 142 | The Mundy Method

The Mundy Method: It’s a really encouraging place where you can be with other like-minded people and get that support.


It’s one thing to run out and have someone have a meal plan for you in a fitness program. If you don’t have the energy or the will to get out of bed in the morning to get it done, you don’t schedule it into your day, and you don’t have a support network to cheer you on the people walking the same journey with you, it’s hard to do. At the end of the day, it’s going to be unsustainable, and people quit year after year.

You mentioned something there in regards to support is important. What do you do for that? What does that look like?

We operate through a Facebook group. All of our members join. Through that, all of our workouts, mindset coaching, and partner content are posted there. Everyone has access to it, and everyone can be there to cheer each other on. If it’s a sweaty selfie that they post, someone can comment on it and say, “Great job. I did this too. Can you believe how this made you feel?”

It’s an encouraging place where you can be with other like-minded people and get that support that you don’t necessarily need to be in the same room as them, but you still feel their presence and have that as you’re going through your journey, which is important, especially in these days of COVID, where you can’t be with your friends all the time. You still have that online support base. We have members from Germany and the United States. It’s everywhere in the world. You still feel connected and have that support to keep going and work on the things that need working on.

We’re learning from the community, which is amazing. We have an osteopath who’s one of our members. She had commented to me. 6:00 AM every day, she’s there and always the first to comment. She commented that it was interesting that I don’t wear sneakers and it’s because I have a balance issue. I went on, and I explained it to her. She came back with a whole bunch of tips for me on how to improve my balance. It’s been amazing. It filled my heart to see so much interaction within the community and see us all there for one another, especially in times of COVID, where there are a lot of people that are still almost in lockdown and haven’t had any human interaction in a long time.

Tina, the last time we had met, to me, this is it’s all about tribe almost. You’re creating a tribe. It’s interesting because there was a study that I had come across that was looking at patients that had a cardiac disease and had gone through procedures. They found that those that were involved in support groups fared better than those on their own. They survived longer, and it makes perfect sense. When you have people around you that are encouraging you to stick with it, help support you and not judge you, but look at how can we learn from each other and support each other, it’s a huge difference.

There’s healing there when you have that community. It also enables you to heal. A lot of our members and me included have had dysfunctional relationships with food and fitness. I’ve hated the body I’m in for longer than I can remember. I’ve been on every fad diet. I feared food for most of my life. I remember my first diet I was ten years old because of diet culture. We’re always trying to shrink our bodies. What I’m finding within our community is a healing place. Although we started this for women, we have men and women in our community. All of them say the same thing. They’re healing with food.

The fitness and wellness “market” is really saturated and there's so much information out there, but it all leads you down one path, which is fitness, or another path, which is nutrition. Those are two very big pillars, but nobody's… Click To Tweet

This is one of the reasons we decided to bring a chef, who comes in, and we have a cooking class once a month. As a group, we prepare food together, celebrate food together, and eat the food together. Some parents said, “Our members in Germany and the states are eating and preparing this food with us, and we’re celebrating food.” It goes a long way to the healing process. It’s much more than fitness and nutrition. We’re healing as well.

What are some of the other components you’d say become important that you bring into it?

We know we’re not the smartest people in the room, but one thing we like to pride ourselves on is that we can bring those people to the table. Although I have my certification in yoga and fitness, and mom has her confidence coaching and personal development, we aren’t registered dieticians or pelvic floor physiotherapists. What we decided to do was bring those experts into our group, and they present once a month. We have a pelvic floor physiotherapist. We have a chef, as mom mentioned, and a registered dietician.

We have energy healing. I don’t know if you’ve heard of emotional freedom techniques. We have an advanced practitioner come in, and she does a tapping session with us.

We had someone come in talking about clothing and how to dress for success and feel good in the body that you’re in. We’re always adding more people to the list. The osteopath is going to talk about injury prevention. Each week is something different. We’ll have someone giving a topic on something they are an expert in that encompasses that 360 degrees. Our members are getting access to that and can benefit from that.

We have a counseling therapist who comes in and handles all the mental health, but we ventured outside that zone when she did a presentation on the power of prayer. That wasn’t something that I had ever thought of. She brought in her expertise on that. It’s relationships and career. We will be bringing somebody in to talk taxes and budget. We’re the one-stop-shop.

I was going to ask you that in terms of finances, too, because from the standpoint of stress for people that inflation for us, certainly now the price of gas and things like that, they add additional levels for us in terms of our mental and physical health both. To me, it seemed like a buffet. You offer different things. A healthy buffet, we’ll call it that. At different things at different times, where somebody might say, “That’s not my thing, but I’m exposed to it,” I’m exposed to it. I have an opportunity to find out how to implement it in my own life. I love that.

LFL S4 142 | The Mundy Method

The Mundy Method: It’s much more than fitness and nutrition. We’re healing as well.


Good for you for picking up on it because we have some of our members who aren’t interested in fitness and nutrition. They’re here for community and support. We have other members who are coming in for the mindset. It’s never been about money for us. We do this, and we make the membership affordable. We’re cognizant that we have some of our members that aren’t able to get out. We have lots of moms there who have their toddlers there exercising with them. We wanted to make sure that we removed any barrier that was there.

We have a philanthropic arm to us. If we have someone who is in need and they can benefit from our community, come on in. It’s not about the money for us. Yes, it’s a membership base. If you can afford it, it’s great. We have members that are here because they’ve been recommended by somebody else that they think could use it.

We partner with Anderson House, which is a shelter for abused women and children. For any of their members that want to come in there, our doors are open. There’s no charge. We partner with East Prince Women’s Information Center, which is a self-empowerment, more of an employment journey for women who need a little hand up. I go there, speak to them, and invite them into our community. The same with career bridges. There are many partnerships that we have within our community to make sure that the people who need it the most are getting it. They’re getting it free of charge.

As you’ve been doing this, would you say that your offerings have shifted based on things that are going on in communities? How has that impacted you in terms of looking at something like COVID and the needs of people?

We take feedback from our members each and every day. When we close every session, we say, “Tell us what you thought of it. What would you do to improve it? Is there anything that we’re missing?” We do. We don’t take anything that they say as criticism. It’s all about growth because we’re all growing here. We say that we’re on this journey with you. A lot of the pivots and the additions that we make are things that our members have expressed interest in. We said, “We’ll bring that expert in. We’ll go out and do that.”

Even the fitness classes, for example, we have a lot of new moms on there, and 30 minutes is a little bit too long to work out when you have to factor in a nap and being tired. Because of that response, we’ve switched up to having fifteen-minute workouts twice a week, in addition to our 30-minute workouts and yoga classes. Those moms are loving those classes. They’re still able to get some movement in and feel good, but look after their babies and try and squeeze it in while they’re napping.

As you have been at this, what stories have been most impactful for you? Is there anything that you can think of that you’re like, “I know we were doing something that was going to benefit people, but I never thought to this level?”

We’re more than just our body. We’re more than just a meal plan. We’re more than just fitness. Click To Tweet

There’s one of our members that moved me. She’s very isolated. She’s been struggling with her mental health for quite some time now. She has always had trouble making friends. She never felt part of a community or a tribe. She started with us with one of our free two-week kickstart programs to see, come in and try it. It’s 15 minutes, 4 times a week, and we do a little bit of mindset. Anybody can sign up for that.

She started with that and liked it. She started communicating with Erin and me. She ended up joining. She said it had made such an impact on her life. She feels like she belongs, and she has found her people in her words. For someone who’s a middle-aged woman who has never had a connection to feeling that she’s found her people, that’s what it’s all about.

For me, it’s all the other new moms. I have a seven-month-old, and it’s difficult motherhood. It’s isolating, and it’s tough. There’s no sleep, and there are not a lot of pregnancy-friendly workouts out there. They expect you to jump right back in. I tailor all of our workouts to have support for your pelvic floor and core health. We do the exercises together. One of us will show a modification for people starting out or coming back from pregnancy.

Hearing those moms being able to be like, “That fifteen minutes made my day because I didn’t get any sleep. My baby has been crying all night and all day, but I got that fifteen minutes of me-time. I got those endorphins going, and it made my day,” that makes it all worth it to hear and know that. I’m making a tiny little bit of difference in someone’s day.

Our kids are older. The difference now, especially with COVID, is that at least with our kids, when they were young, you went to a playgroup, or there were other people in the neighborhood that you jumped over there with your kids. My guess is there’s less if any of that now because everybody is still isolated, which makes it even more difficult.

There are people who had babies at the beginning of the pandemic who’ve never had a birthday or anything with people around. It takes a village to not have that village there physically, but it’s difficult, but at least online or digitally, they have that support system. It can help at least a little bit each day to make it easier.

There are benefits or positive things that have come out of the last several years in terms of people questioning what is important to them and what they want. You are looking at new ways to try and create community, which is what you guys are doing with your approach. Hats off to you for that.

LFL S4 142 | The Mundy Method

The Mundy Method: A program such as this would be so much more beneficial because we are taking holistically the person, everything that they’re needing, all in one package.


One thing we have been exploring is the whole corporate sector. With more people working from home, they’re losing that team connection at work. We have a lot of well-meaning leaders within corporations and leaders themselves. They know the benefits of having wellness in their workplace. Automatically, the mind goes, “Let’s buy a gym membership, and let’s fulfill it that way.” There’s more to it.

It frustrates me when I see corporations spending this money and hoping for the best for their employees. For some, that might be all that they need. For the majority of them, a program such as this would be more beneficial because we are taking holistically the person, everything they need all in one package. One avenue that we will be focusing on a little bit more in 2022 is reaching out to the corporate sector, which is reaching out to those leaders themselves, who, when you know full well, probably put themselves last in many instances.

Nobody knows where this is going to go, but in terms of remote work versus bringing people back to work, it was going to look different. People are more driven right now to well-being. I don’t want to show up and trade 1/3 of my life every day for an organization where I don’t feel fulfilled, connected, or are any of these things.

You’re onto something there in terms of another one of these things that have come out of the pandemic that has forced people to say, “I’m not doing this anymore.” The Great Resignation that we keep hearing about here in the US has been going on for a long time. The only difference is that physically people are leaving their organization now mentally and emotionally. They have been leaving the organization for a long time. They didn’t have options.

What spurred us on with this was the pandemic. Even before Erin left for maternity before the pandemic hit, Erin was trying to create a sense of camaraderie within the department she was in. Being a yoga instructor and a fitness instructor, she used to give free lessons to anybody who was on her floor or in her building.

I’d watch her because, for her, the half-hour during lunchtime was a reset for her for the afternoon. She was moving her body. She was getting out of that cubicle. She started offering these free classes to whoever wanted to show up. We wouldn’t believe the amount of people that would show up. She was creating a community there during their lunch hour at work.

When we were thinking about it, “We’ve got this down. We’re always improving. We know we’ve got The Mundy Method, but where else and who do we need to root?” That’s when Erin said, “Workplace.” She remembers before she had the baby, got pregnant, before COVID, and even tried to create that tribe within the office atmosphere. Everybody would be raving. She was sick. They were like, “What are we going to do for lunch?” It’s like, “Eat your lunch.” They’re like, “We got to move our body.” It’s needed.

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When I was working, I was in the biotech industry before. I knew I wanted to go into leadership and team development. I would offer two offices to go in at lunch and do small workshops on team building or leadership development. It is because I wanted to talk about it much, probably similar to you in terms of you wanted to do it and share it with other people. From that, you’ve grown up a business. If individuals or organizations want to reach out to you, what’s the best way to do that?

You can do it a couple of ways. They can go to our website, We have a link there where they can email us, or they can even sign up for our 14-4-14 Kickstart Challenge. They can give it a whirl and see what they think of it. It’s free, 14 days, 14-minute hit and yoga sessions, 4 times a week.

We throw in a mindset coaching session there, and we have outdoor activities. It’s two weeks getting your feet wet. If they like, they can sign up for full membership. They can email us

They can contact us on Facebook. If you search The Mundy Method, they can message us on there. We have Instagram. Mine is ErinMundy03.

I’m Tina.MundyMethod on Instagram. Search me, even personally, Tina Mundy, on Facebook, or you can go to The Mundy Method on Facebook.

I want to thank both of you for taking the time to be on the show. As I mentioned in our conversations that while the show is about learning from leaders, this is such an important component of being a better leader. If I’m not in a good place myself well-being in all aspects, I can’t be there for other people. This has such a primary role in what I do. Thank you for sharing that.

Thank you so much, Patrick. I look forward to collaborating more in the future.

I am looking forward to it. Take care.

Take care. Bye.


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About Tina Mundy

LFL S4 142 | The Mundy MethodHi, it’s Tina! I’m a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, a former Cabinet Minister, tireless community advocate, and mother to three amazing children. My path to get to where I am today has been filled with failures, hard knocks and I have had to reinvent myself and redefine my life’s purpose again and again.


About Erin Montgomery

LFL S4 142 | The Mundy Method

Hi, I’m Erin, Tina’s daughter and first-time new mom to a beautiful baby boy.

For most of my life I had a love-hate relationship with exercise. I thought of it as a necessary evil I had to put up with, but I was never satisfied with the results. Regardless of how much (or little) I worked out, I wasn’t skinny enough, fast enough, or strong enough. So I never really stuck with a workout program longer than a few weeks.

It wasn’t until grad school that my perspective on exercise shifted. I was dealing with a major case of imposter syndrome and the pressure of grad school. Exercise became a way to calm my nerves, clear my head, and give me the energy to tackle whatever life threw at me. That mind-shift has made such a difference in my life. Exercise was no longer something I had to do. Rather, it became something I wanted to do, enjoyed, and actually became a form of therapy for me. Now, I start each day by moving my body, sometimes a lot ,and sometimes only a little, but either way I feel refreshed and ready to seize the day.


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