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LFL 86 | Career Change


The pandemic has surprisingly become an accelerator for many of us. It has unexpectedly taken away jobs and forced us to finally confront that impending career change we have so wanted to make. Now that we’ve found ourselves in this situation, where do we begin? In this episode, Patrick Veroneau imparts his advice to help us turn this crisis into an opportunity to make a career change and take our next move.

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Crisis To Career Change: How To Make Your Next Move

In this episode, I’m going to talk about careers, and specifically, the title of this will be From Crisis to Career Change: How to Make Your Next Move. I had so many calls or emails from individuals that I’ve worked within organizations that either they’re concerned about their jobs or they’ve lost their jobs, as well as other people that are just unhappy in their situations. This environment that we’re in right now has forced a lot of people, maybe to think about things differently in terms of where do they want to go next. This episode is going to touch on that, but also provide an opportunity to be on a webinar on April 13th at 4:30, to discuss this more in detail and hopefully be able to help people out.

As I mentioned at the start of this, this is about how to help people out, wherever they are in terms of their career right now. Some of you that are reading this may be without a job right now, others may be concerned that you’re potentially going to lose your job. Others may be thinking at this time, with everything that’s going on, “Is this what I want?” I think this has provided a real opportunity. If we look at the data that I deal with all the time, it’s that employee engagement within organizations is generally very low. It’s only about a third. Two-thirds of employees within an organization are disengaged.

If that’s the case, to me, I look at this right now is almost halftime in a game where I now get to take a look at what do we need to do in the second half of this game to make sure that either we’re winning, or what adjustments do we need to make sure that we’re best suited when we go back out on the field? I don’t care what stage of life you’re at, this is not about halftime, “I don’t have enough time to make a change.” That’s not what this is about. This is just looking at that in terms of saying we have an opportunity right now. It’s almost like the clock has stopped for many of us to be able to reflect and find out where do we want to go?

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I’m going to put together a series of workshops, the first one or the first webinar, the title of it is, From Crisis to Career Change: How to Make Your Next Move. This is a space that I love, and the reason being is because, for the last decade, I volunteered a workshop that I’ve done locally on how to help people interview because there is both a skill and a strategy that you need in regards to how you interview. That’s only a part of it. The workshops that I’m going to put together, or the webinars that I’m going to put together, will talk about things like how do we set goals? More importantly, how do I learn to be happy where I am?

There’s all research behind these things. There are things that I work with within organizations all the time, from a leadership perspective, especially around helping people understand how do I feel good about where I am. A lot of that is around three things. One is emotional intelligence, a real deep dive into understanding that emotional intelligence is a strong skill, not a soft skill. People are seeing it more and more. We’re in a time where there were a lot of emotions. When you understand how to navigate those, how do you perceive and understand and manage both my own and those that I’m working with? Their emotions were more effective.

The other is around influence. I’ve been fortunate that I was able to train under a gentleman named Robert Cialdini, who was one of the world’s experts in influence when I traveled down to Arizona State University where he was. I was able to go through his workshops and learn so much from that. The last piece is around personality. Specifically, I use DISC, the DISC that’s part of the Wiley Publishing Group, but I’m sure there are other forms of personality out there. That’s simply the one that I have become most comfortable with and find that it’s most beneficial to the work that I do. More importantly, we combine emotional intelligence and personality and influence, the understanding of why people say yes, why they say no, and how irrational we are at times. We set ourselves up to be able to navigate any situation that we’re in. That’s what these workshops will do.

LFL 86 | Career Change

Career Change: Two-thirds of employees within an organization are disengaged.


I mentioned talking about learning to be happy, how to gain agreement, how to set goals, where do I want to go? How do we do that? What’s most effective? How do we set good habits? There’s a lot of research behind all of these things. What are some assessments that you might be able to take that are free or are nominal in regards to what they cost and what they can provide for you in terms of helping you shape? Where do you want to go?

Also, talking about how do you network? How do you network using things like LinkedIn and Facebook, to be able to figure out what your next path is? This series of workshops will not be how do you quit your job, and you make six figures or seven figures on the internet. That’s not to say that you can’t do that. If that’s your thing and you decide that’s where you want to go, great. A lot of people are doing it, but this is not going to be. I’m going to show you the bling and the piles of money and the Lambos. This is realistically looking at how do I create, if anything, a seven-figure mentality in terms of how I live my life regardless of what my bank account has in it. If we can do that, you will be successful everywhere you go.

We all have a disability and we’ll talk about that in these workshops. I hope you’ll have an opportunity to take part in this. There are lots of people that are questioning where they want to go next. I’m putting these out there as a free series of workshops because there’s an opportunity here. You have an opportunity here, as dire as things might seem at times, or somebody you know that is in a very dire space. There’s a way out. To me, this is an opportune time to be able to do that. If you know, somebody that you think will benefit from this, I’d ask you to forward this on. All the information on the webinar, and resources is here, as well as the registration for that and I hope you’ll join me. Until the next episode, I hope you’ll do two things. One is lead like no other, and the other is rise above your best. Peace.

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