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How Vulnerability Made Tommy Dahlborg Stronger – Episode 099

  It’s often frightening to show people your vulnerable side because of the lack of trust or a traumatic experience. Tommy Dahlborg, the host of Stronger Thru Vulnerability, believes that you can become stronger by being vulnerable. In this episode, he talks about being vulnerable around the people you can trust, and you’re sure loves you. Tommy… Read more »

Tom Renehan Discusses How Respect Impacts Leading – Episode 097

  As the old saying goes, “respect is earned, not given.” This adage is especially true for leaders in business. In this episode, Patrick Veroneau chats with Tom Renehan about the value of respect in leadership. Tom is a Certified Professional Coach who specializes in leadership and has helped many mid- and senior-level managers improve… Read more »

The 7 Behaviors Needed To Lead Through A Crisis – Episode 091

  Navigating through a crisis takes skill and a good foundation. In this episode, Patrick Veroneau discusses the seven behaviors needed to lead through a crisis and the importance of stepping up as the leader of the pack. Reimagining leadership involves a constant pursuit of continuous learning. Patrick talks about the void that continues to… Read more »

How To Make Courage A Habit With Laura Khalil – Episode 090

  Your habits are mostly the foundations of your achievements and success, and courage is one of the best traits to have. Laura Khalil, a speaker and trainer at Brave by Design, joins Patrick Veroneau to talk about mindset techniques. She dives into different scenarios and situations that will make you think as she helps… Read more »

Crisis To Career Change: How To Make Your Next Move – Episode 086‬

  The pandemic has surprisingly become an accelerator for many of us. It has unexpectedly taken away jobs and forced us to finally confront that impending career change we have so wanted to make. Now that we’ve found ourselves in this situation, where do we begin? In this episode, Patrick Veroneau imparts his advice to… Read more »