Monthly Archives: November 2019

Why Is Gratitude Great? – Episode 067

  You have to practice gratitude every day. If you’re struggling with something at work or at home, you need to find a way to embrace it. Learn how to develop gratitude for everything that comes your way. Gratitude can affect our lifestyle and well-being, so it is a good practice to start learning gratitude… Read more »

How 3 Deaths Have Continued To Provide Life Lessons – Episode 066

  Death can come in many forms throughout our life. It is something that we all inevitably experience and pick lessons from at some point. Patrick Veroneau shares his experiences of death in three aspects: physical death, death of a relationship, and death of a career.  While loss can bring great despair, Patrick has learned… Read more »

Why Your Past DOES Define Your Future -Episode 065

  Contrary to popular belief, your past defines your future because the past is all you’ll ever have. We make mistakes, but it doesn’t mean we have to be stuck there. Patrick Veroneau talks about how we should use our past as a guide in making better decisions for the future. We should not let… Read more »